The Magic Pot

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The Magic Pot

Folk tales and legends of the Giriama of Kenya

Mela Tomaselli

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  • Libro in lingua inglese
  • Anno: 2004

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The first Giriama we met were children. We asked them: “ Could you tell us one of your own stories?” But they only knew those they had learnt at school. They did not know any story from their own country.

So we went to their parents and asked them to tell us some i? Giriama tales, but they didn’t remember any because too much time had passed since they were children.

Then we looked for their grandparents, but unfortunately many of them had already died. The few we met, as luck would have it, told us what they remembered. But they showed us the way: “Go and look for somebody who lives in a village far away from here, where not all the children go to school.”

There we found some of the stories which are in this book. They were told by a girl named Furaha. Her name means happiness.

Attenzione: libro in lingua inglese.

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