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Altri Cd Musicali come Timeless


1. Land Of Forever (from Land Of Forever) 5:08

2. Elysian Fields (from River Of Stars) 5:35

3. A Voice In The Night (from Savitri) 4:04

4. Timeless (from The Emerald Way) 3:19

5. Magic Flower (from Chrysalis) 5:16

6. Icarus (from Wings) 7:32

7. Starwalkers (from River Of Stars) 4:52

8. Valley Of Healing Waters (from Across An Ocean Of Dreams) 5:14

9. The Year (from Savitri) 6:10

10. Dreaming Of You (from This Moment Now) 4:00

11. Secret Shores (from The Emerald Way) 5:00

12. Temple Of Apollo (from Wings) 5:15

13. The River's Journey (from Across An Ocean Of Dreams)

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